TouchME® Essential

Revolutionary Touch Activated Textile & Surface Fragrance Emitter with encapsulated essential oils

Long Lasting, smart fragrance with encapsulated essential oil!

TouchME® Essential is a revolutionary, luxurious, nanotechnological, ultra long-lasting, touch-activated smart fragrance, which contains encapsulated essential oil.

TouchME® Essential contains unique technologically advanced ingredients ideal for aromatherapy. Enriched with revolutionary technology, which enables a long-lasting touch-activated nano-fragrance!

Revolutionary technology

A unique, innovative aromatherapy product with distinct fragrances that do not dissipate after application.


TouchME® Essential acts as aromatherapy whilst its fragrance doesn’t evaporate. Nanocapsules with fragrance and essential oil, invisible to your eyes, stick on the applied surface, and break apart on physical contact, thus releasing a pleasant scent and essential oil.

Shake it!

to combine the particles

Spray it!

to add a layer of nanocapsules containing fragrance & essential oil

Dry it!

allow to dry for approximately 20 minutes

Touch it!

to release the fragrance & essential oil

Enjoy it!

enjoy the beautiful fragrance and relaxing essential oils

An innovative fragrance and essental oil for use on all types of fabric & surfaces

TouchME® Essential is an innovative nano perfume used for aromatherapy and for refreshing a variety of surfaces and environments. It is a sprayable liquid emulsion of a combination of nano-capsules containing fragrances and high-quality essential oil.

Long Lasting Fragrance & Essential Oil

Once applied on surfaces it does not run out by itself if surface haven’t been used. If you walk over a over TouchME® Essential applied carpet year from application the fragrance and relaxing oils will be released with the same properties as the day you applied the product on the carpet.

Cost Effective

TouchMe® Essential saves money compared to the traditional, short-term scented room fresheners with battery/electricity operated dispensers.

Cutting-edge technology

Innovative, patent-pending technology that will keep you ahead of the competition. All required health certificates are included.

Aromatherapy Benefits

TouchMe® Essential Lavender & Mint have many health benefits and act as an aromatherapy products in addition to being a sensual, confidence-increasing fragrance.

Application Areas

Everything people touch or walk/sit on will disperse an alluring fragrance/scent and aromatherapy essential oil to the surroundings.

Carpets & Rugs







Seats in Vehicles


Upholstered Furniture

TouchMe® Essential aromatherapy benefits

TouchME Coverage Information


Common Standard DOUBLE ROOM – EU

0,25 m2/mL (applied with standard fine mist pump and evenly spread)


Just 1. applied regularly, previously applied TouchME coat will be not 100% depleted, it will be weakened (depending on people/movement frequency and application intervals). So, when you reapply TouchME you just upgrade old coat which will also result in lower consumption.


Drying Time
Leave 10-15 minutes to dry


If treated surfaces are not disturbed/touched TouchME will work after 1 year like you applied it 10 minutes ago. TouchME doesn’t evaporate by itself.
Once the treated surfaces are in use (disturbed/touched), TouchME will last 1 week (normal conditions). Very high people movement frequency can shorten durability.

Consumption Information


Standard Application In Full Hotel

Consumption per m2
4-8 mL


Consumption per room – applied only on 6m2 walking surfaces (standard double room 18m2 like on picture)
24-48 mL


Consumption per 800 rooms hotel – applied only on 6m2 walking surfaces (standard double room 18m2 like on picture)
19,20-38,40 L


Consumption per 800 rooms hotel ONE MONTH – SINGLE application per week – applied only on 6m2 walking surfaces (standard double room 18m2 like on picture)
76,80-153,60 L


Consumption per 800 rooms hotel ONE MONTH – DOUBLE application per week – applied only on 6m2 walking surfaces (standard double room 18m2 like on picture)
153,60-307,20 L

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